What is this?

I used to put together lists of 7 things that caught my attention each week and share my thoughts on each of them. Over time that has morphed into something much more free-flowing—there’s a loose theme to each week’s newsletter, but otherwise there’s no single, concrete issue that this publication explores.

Why a subscription?

Newsletters are all the rage these days—there are quite a few I subscribe to, covering everything from art to writing to healthcare to what’s wrong with the world. This platform—Substack—feels like a good way to merge my interests with my writing without committing to something as serious or costly to the reader as a Patreon. You’ll get 1 email a week instead of having to seek the posts out yourself. Pretty good deal!

What can I expect to find here?

Art, politics, poetry, gardening, hiking, exploring, sports—it’s all fair game.

Who are you, anyway?

I’m a teacher, writer, and hiker living in Seattle. My socialist politics and union organizing experience inform a lot of what I think and write here. But mostly I just like to feel things, and I hope you do, too.

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Feeling things feels good even when the feelings are bad


chuck mckeever

I'm a hiker, amateur forager, community college instructor, and proud union member based in Detroit. This newsletter is about some of those things