Hell yes.

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Aug 9Liked by chuck mckeever

Their evening cry takes me back to being a kid in our old midwestern neighborhood. Messing around in an open field with buddies - not a care in the world, save for when the call to head home would breakup our fun.

Was recently sitting in a hotel courtyard in St Louis having a cocktail with my wife while between a wedding and reception and heard a familiar though nearly forgotten sound... Looked up toward the darkening sky to see motion - and heard that old familiar cry again. Brought a tear to my eye as memories of those innocent days of long ago flooded to mind. (Of course she didn't believe me and had to check her phone to confirm the bird was indeed the old harbinger of day's end of my long since past youth)

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Aug 10Liked by chuck mckeever

I've heard their shriek many many times but until last night, using the Merlin bird ID app, I had never known the source. Very cool!

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