Thanks for this. Just the other day, at a used bookstore in Annapolis, I saw a copy of Barry Lopez's first book (I think) -- "Desert Notes." I should've bought it, but the store was charging a lot for it. It was a really nice first edition, though I don't think they ever made a second or third edition. Anyways, I flipped through and saw that the introduction was written by Thomas Merton. What a dream combination! Can you imagine those two thinkers just sharing thoughts together? Appreciate you and your words.

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Man, what a lovely thought. I've only read excerpts of Merton, mostly on nuclear weapons, but it seems like they'd make perfect fellow travelers. The wolf book by Lopez was the first of his I'd read, and I've never read anything else much like it. Part philosophical treatise, part anthropological and ethnographic history, part literary examination, with sound biological observations woven throughout.

Thanks for reading!

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Jul 17, 2023Liked by chuck mckeever

Great article! I always say that we pave over their homes and then run them down with our cars! πŸ˜₯ I loved the pictures that were appearing during quarantine of all the animals coming out of hiding into the world as we the predators stayed hidden at home. πŸ€”

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